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GRACE. That which a person is not entitled to by law, but which is extended to him as a favor; a pardon, for example, is an act of grace. There are- certain days allowed to a payer of a promissory note or bill of exchange, beyond the time which appears on its face, which are called days of grace. (q. v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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However, he did note that it appeared Meghan would age more gracefully compared to her sister-in-law Kate due to her "amazing skin."
This ability to lose gracefully will not only avoid triggering a heart attack, but will increase our generosity and add to our happiness.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 24 (ANI): Handling the trolls gracefully, External Affairs Minister (EAM) Sushma Swaraj, who returned to India on Saturday following her week-long visit to four European nations, has "liked" negative tweets that came her way over interfaith passport issue.
I have totally embraced my aging, and thankful that I am doing it as gracefully as I can.
In your February/March 2017 issue, you provided reader tips on how to age gracefully on the homestead ("Aging Gracefully on the Homestead").
FORMER Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies has said women are still not permitted to "age as gracefully" as men.
FORMER Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies (right) has said women are still not permitted to "age as gracefully" as men.
Gracefully entwining his own personal story with that of his family opens lucid discussions on issues ranging from Lampedusa to Italian food.
CELEBRITY Heidi Montag said she plans on ageing gracefully and has sworn off plastic surgery.
From the moment it opens with two performers swinging high up in the rafters from their trapezes, we are treated to a showcase of mind-boggling but gracefully choreographed routines.
WOMEN today are torn between the pressure to retain their youthful looks and their will to age gracefully. Nearly nine in 10 (88%) believe that women are pressured to maintain their looks as they age, according to a recent study by Clairol Nice''n Easy.