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From the moment it opens with two performers swinging high up in the rafters from their trapezes, we are treated to a showcase of mind-boggling but gracefully choreographed routines.
WOMEN today are torn between the pressure to retain their youthful looks and their will to age gracefully.
If you''re looking to buy into this trend look for fluid fabrics so the pleats hang gracefully and swish as you walk.
Furthermore, JD-U leader Sharad Yadav said Ganguly should resign gracefully instead of delaying it.
A solar eruption gracefully rose up from the sun on December 31, 2012, twisting and turning.
We are shocked to observe the obstructionist attitude of opposite party (HSBC) which instead of accepting the fault gracefully by filing a reply has sought rejection of the complaint on ground of remedy of arbitration under the CIBIL Act," observed C K Chaturvedi, the president of the bench.
Aging Gracefully, Aging Defiantly: With Dignity, Integrity, & Spunk Intact" is a guide for elders who want to age independently as productive members of society regardless of what one's friends and family may try to force on them.
The 38-year-old, who has had Botox, said she doesn't see the point in growing old gracefully.
They have really grown old gracefully and I'd love to be like that.
From May to November, you can reimagine that feeling by taking a narrated tour of its gracefully preserved rooms and theatre memorabilia.
Looking for people who can saunter gracefully down a runway in haute couture?