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And he cites the example of Ippolito d'Este cardinal of Ferrara, whose fortunate birth endowed his person, his appearance, his speech and his gestures with gracefulness (38/41/39).
Ambika, Gracefulness of a new class of mirror image of copies of nC3 and mirror image of copies of double nC3, communicated.
The piece united a clearly maintained structured arrangement with a playfulness and a dancer's gracefulness.
We shall try to emulate the gracefulness and precision of those girls", said Emily Reaves, the Honley choir's musical director.
Supported with atmospheric, soothing music, it vividly showcases the Warriors' gracefulness and elegance.
Detaching commodities from their practical use and creating new, useless objects reveals the beauty hidden in quotidian things--like a small round wire net, made of stainless steel and typically used for baking fish, here with paper clips hanging from the wire to emphasize the gracefulness of a full circle and the formal qualities of the color silver.
Edgar Peters Bowron and Peter Bjorn Kerber, who have curated this exhibition and written the accompanying monograph, aptly characterise the 'signature elements' of his style as 'figures of arresting beauty and gracefulness, meticulously drawn and elegantly posed; a vibrantly luminous palette, distinguished by a subtle interplay of colours; dazzling light effects, creating an atmosphere of emotional intensity without being overly theatrical; and a painstakingly detailed finish almost bordering on obsession.
The 'flame edge' effect so favoured by designer Chris Bangle is toned down and the old gracefulness has returned.
The big green signs on the new pedestrian bridge do scar its gracefulness from the south.
This day really touched my heart; the peacefulness those greyhounds seemed to emit as well as the gracefulness and contentment they showed with their owners.
There's an illuminated structure sparkling with gracefulness, a ceramic display voluptuous in shape and vibrant in colour and a chrome tower glistening in polished urbanity.
It really improves your balance and your gracefulness.