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Sharp watched this graceless bedside with indomitable patience.
She cried, with her clasped hands lifted above her head, that it would kill their father if he ever knew it; and fell down at Tip's graceless feet.
A shattered graceless fellow, stretched at his length here, and next to nothing for you when you are a young widow.
Generally the most indulgent and easy to be entreated of all mothers, still her boys had a very reverent remembrance of a most vehement chastisement she once bestowed on them, because she found them leagued with several graceless boys of the neighborhood, stoning a defenceless kitten.
Farhan posted a cryptic tweet where he wrote, "There's no bottom in the barrel of the graceless.
His opponent, President Uhuru Kenyatta, won an election that international observers had praised as orderly and fair; Odinga's refusal to accept defeat seemed graceless and, given Kenya's history of political violence, dangerous.
Murry's justly acclaimed 2012 solo debut The Graceless Age was a starkly measured document of the drug abuse that almost killed him.
On which farm created by Stella Gibbons did Feckless, Graceless and Pointless live?
As expected, BC swiftly made a graceless exit even before the hosts could say goodbye to the guests.
Boasting a superficially new plot but preaching the exact same sermon--in the identical leaden, graceless manner--as its predecessor, Harold Crank's follow-up concocts a laughable crisis of faith whose resolution is a fait accompli, turning the endeavor into a torturous exercise in one-note proselytizing.
Panicked rose, potted beetles, eroded root tags and graceless bees.
Todd, Dunfermline BY making those graceless remarks about Charles Kennedy and independence, Alex Salmond showed us that while he thinks of himself as a first class politician, he is actually a second class human being.