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Picture to yourself, oh fair young reader, a worldly, selfish, graceless, thankless, religionless old woman, writhing in pain and fear, and without her wig.
Sharp watched this graceless bedside with indomitable patience.
Bounderby, though a graceless person, of the world worldly, I feel the utmost interest, I assure you, in what you tell me.
She cried, with her clasped hands lifted above her head, that it would kill their father if he ever knew it; and fell down at Tip's graceless feet.
A shattered graceless fellow, stretched at his length here, and next to nothing for you when you are a young widow.
Called Graceless Whippet - 336 days of running, her postings have had more than 40,000 views.
Mr Brown may be a graceless curmudgeon unused to being challenged in Parliament and unable to take criticism.
GRACE:-"SHE actually thinks she's going to win," said Graceless of newcomer Aisleyne.
Quashie took an age to make his graceless exit and his manager's gesture in his direction - thumb jerked in the direction of the dressing-room, accompanied by some well-timed verbals - said it all.
Filing a lawsuit about how one was silently offended is a bit on the graceless side.
It's a strange idea to repay the kindness of someone who is part of the team trying to make you better with this kind of graceless behaviour and, to be sure, there are plenty of potential excuses.
His cat burglar John Robie glides over the tiled rooftops of Monaco like Astaire crossing a ballroom, making even Steve McQueen and Pierce Brosnan seem like graceless bunglers.