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She replicates O'Connor's gaucherie in McCarthy's living room when she gracelessly blurts out a defense of the Eucharistic hymn, Tantum Ergo.
Perched gracelessly on the back of a sledge, I lurch forward as the huskies aremushed into action.
In a world where even poets failed to fathom the charm of Homer's epithets, finding them pointlessly, gracelessly repetitious, the Iliad could yet draw the attention of real fighting men, the counterparts of Homeric heroes.
It's called the 'peopling of the Americas,' an uproar that has set rival archaeologists gracelessly arguing against each other in a state of earplugged stubbornness.
His latest puff of oxygen came in the fifth inning Saturday, a tie-breaking two-run homer that ultimately gave the Dodgers a 6-5 victory over the gracelessly aging San Francisco Giants in front of 46,444 fans at Dodger Stadium.
GRUDGINGLY AND GRACELESSLY, the Bush administration has acknowledged that detainees in the war on terror are covered by a provision of the Geneva Convention prohibiting ''humiliating and degrading treatment.
As I hurtle gracelessly towards middle age, I'm sure that I will be tempted to remember the good old times when I held the British record for the 400-metre dash, went out with that weathergirl from Tyne Tees and played bass guitar in Blur.
Steve Easton describes this concisely: "I had two episodes in which in the classroom I worked myself into an intellectual corner and had to bail out gracelessly.
Sometimes skillfully, sometimes gracelessly, Bradsher explains why SUVs are not good substitutes for cars and how such a regressive development was both made possible and stimulated.
June '99 & Naatsi is middle-aging gracelessly smackdab in the middle of America.
That's when Lennox can stare America in the eye and retire as gracefully or gracelessly as he wants, safe in the knowledge he's left a nation snarling in impotent fury.