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These hands may look very similar to the uninitiated, but in the figure 15 example close examination reveals that "hevyn" is written over the flourish of the Big Red N, and the whole arrangement seems squeezed around the original flourished N fairly gracelessly.
When she turned back toward the shore, she did see what looked like people: large, swathed in dark, staggering gracelessly.
From Khmer Rouge torture chambers in Cambodia to brothels in Singapore and bustling call centers in India, Theroux describes the people, cultures, religions, foods, and sex shops he discovers while lamenting "how gracelessly the world is aging and all that we have lost.
Not surprising, Pipkin comes back again and again to the idea that in narrative these jocks get to relive their glory days, get to reverse the devastating effects of time itself that have so gracelessly closed out their careers (Pipkin does not investigate autobiographies written during a career).
This is not the place to describe every reaction to Pessoa's article on the part of Jose Cabral and of different writers, newspaper directors and politicians, but the National Union's official newspaper, which had praised Mensagem just a few days before, now rather gracelessly exclaimed on its first page: 'Va la a gente fiar-se em poetas
The landlord is a passionate modern dancer, although his physical type contradicts the ideal of dancer: in his white body stocking adorned with strategically placed foliage, gracelessly dancing a heroic part on the stage, he is the very incorporation of incongruity.
AS Jade Goody lumbered gracelessly along the 2006 London Marathon course, she no doubt lamented the fact she didn't replace kebabs with carrots.
So why go to all that trouble and expense, you might ask, if not solely for the glory, the prestigious awards, and the implied right to publish a well-conceived and highly informative, if somewhat self-gratifying and gracelessly indignant, autobiography (see, for example, J.
In her letters she spoofed her significant theological learning by calling herself a "hillbilly Thomist" (HB 81), and she memorialized her social awkwardness among the artsy set at Mary McCarthy's sophisticated New York dinner party by telling the story of how gracelessly she blurted out her belief in transubstantiation: "Well, if it [the Eucharist]'s a symbol, to hell with it" (HB 125).
Labour was left uncertain whether to yield gracelessly or mount a rearguard action in the Parliament.
30 the 'guests' arrive and swiftly snatch at the complimentary glasses of Chateau Ripoff without so much as a grunt, looking down upon the waiters with supreme condescension and waddling gracelessly to their tables.
Perched gracelessly on the back of a sledge, I lurch forward as the huskies aremushed into action.