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As Roy's commitment to a kind of secular code of chivalry deteriorates, the gracelessness he had been at pains to avoid in his life engulfs him, leading to further unexpected turns.
He argues that affectation lends to a type of gracelessness which makes it possible for professional dancers to hurt themselves.
With it does not show a lack of caring or a softness of character, nor is gracelessness mitigated by a plea of deep hurt to personal pride.
The tendency to see others as mirrors reflecting his own deficiency also informs Stephen's perception of the student, Cyril Sergent, in "Nestor": "Like him I was, these sloping shoulders, this gracelessness.
His gracelessness and his lack of judgement alienated all the powerful social groups, including his wife for whom he had ceased to have any regard: `she will squeeze you like a lemon', he had said `and then she will throw you away'.
In the meantime, a screaming Faust (Marcello Giordano) managed to display both scenic and musical gracelessness.
a compelling canon of richly allusive, carefully crafted explications of sin, gracelessness, faith, and salvation in the modern South.
But barbarism remains an active force in modern societies, partly in gracelessness and ignorance, and partly in a loss of cultural coherence found among those who mistake a few years at an institution of higher learning for education itself.
It's even easier to share her impatience with the forced interpretations, the stylistic gracelessness--or just opacity--of a good deal of modern criticism (although gracelessness in academic prose, and its public skewering by writers like Acocella, hardly seem unique to either the late twentieth century or politically purposive writing).
As Michael Goldberg points out, Carlyle, at least initially, was self-conscious about possible stylistic weakness in his own idiosyncratic prose, and some critics particularly condemned what they regarded as Carlyle's linguistic and syntactical gracelessness (166-169).
It was a square walk he was making in a circle," Dubin's shrewd biographer says, stressing with his metaphor the gracelessness of Dubin's quest for association in this present experiment in the game of a current love in a contemporary Venice and suggesting symbolically in that metaphor also an inversion of the unity associated with the emblematic mandala with its circle inside a square.
There is a certain built-in gracelessness to a university professor writing, from the Berkshires, that no one else sympathizes with the downtrodden quite as much as he.