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If Milly refuses to serve in your household by your rules, respectfully and therefore graciously, then she cannot serve in it at all.
Countless hand-made items, baskets, and other generous raffle contributions were graciously donated by so many individuals in the community.
In addition, Graciously Beginning LLC has a dedicated information page for all things “The Three.
The ad Huckabee signed congratulated the convention: "You are right because you called wives to graciously submit to their husband's sacrificial leadership.
Each unit, from a graciously proportioned 585 s/f studio to a 1550 s/f three-bedroom, will feature a decor that reflects the lifestyle of five diverse imaginary buyers.
The judge graciously obliged, demonstrating compassionate conservatism at its warmhearted best.
If he were brought back into Chrysler, it may be seen as a familiar face coming back to right the ship, as opposed to hiring outsiders who would be less graciously accepted upon their arrival.
It graciously served the needs of provincial ministries such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Natural Resources to move the gravely ill or participate as a silent, but effective, partner in the ongoing fight of forest fires in Northern Ontario.
These financial executives graciously spent considerable phone time with Executive Editor Ellen M.
Thank you for giving so graciously of your time and talent to your state association.
Ardennes Cemetery superintendent Hans Hooker welcomed us graciously in the immaculate grounds and accompanied us to the two graves we wished to lay flowers on as well as showing us the memorial chapel with the whole history of the battles of World War II in Europe.