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H2: In the case of a gradable disease (partial body paralysis), the magnitude effect for medical outcomes reverses between delay and probability discounting, as it does for monetary outcomes.
Scale structure, degree modification and the semantics of gradable predicates.
Scale structure and the semantic typology of gradable predicates.
BioSig-ID distinguishes the user's pattern from others and grants access to the gradable event (chats, tests, quizzes, exams) only after confirming the identity.
In the subtitle, it has been translated as "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" (tai, very), which is a common intensifier of gradable adjectives in Chinese.
If we take the presence of the degree modifier too to reflect that the adjectival position in the construction expresses SCALARITY, then scared (1), early (2), and wide (3) are all semantically compatible with the construction, because they arguably express gradable attributes.
At a dose of 100mg/kg of LIM caused no gradable toxicity in healthy volunteers (Crowell et al.
The estimates of incidence were based on all persons having corresponding gradable subfields at all visits.
Those with prevalent hypertension in the absence of prevalent stroke or coronary heart disease for whom gradable retinal photographs were available were included in the current analysis.
Of course, it is of vital importance that the software must have the right type of modularity and openness so that it is manageable, maintainable and up gradable.