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Weathering proceeds gradationally downward from the surface as chemical stability between mineral phases and geochemical environment is maintained.
An analysis of the pragmatic detachability of these DMs indicates that the discourse-marking system of PG is gradually and gradationally becoming an English-origin system, and hypothesis 3 is supported.
So, the Chattian sediments of the Asmari Formation in this section overlie gradationally the Pabdeh Formation.
Similarly, on the basis of vertical and lateral changes in the facies associations, Tanavsuu-Milkeviciene & Plink-Bjorklund (2009) recognized in the same section several stratigraphical units representing gradationally based progradational to aggradational vertically stacked cyclic packages that fine upwards in the Kernave and Arukula Fms.
Especially good examples in the lower part of the formation (cycles 2-4) are represented by a thin coal overlain by a dark limestone up to 1 m thick, which is overlain in turn by several metres of grey siltstone capped abruptly or gradationally by sandstone.