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The total is more than double the previous record of 7,800 cards graded onsite at last year's National.
com) Monday announced that a T206 Honus Wagner baseball card graded by its Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) division sold at auction July 15 for $1.
The Japanese are very sports conscious and we expect the market for graded sportscards to develop rapidly as it has in this country.
The first stamp graded and encapsulated by the Collectors Universe Professional Stamp Experts (PSE; www.
In the wake of recent reports of counterfeit Pokemon(TM) cards, increasing numbers of collectors are having their cards authenticated and graded by the Collectors Universe company, Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), the leading sportscard authentication and grading service.
Since 1986, PCGS and PSA have authenticated and graded over 7 million collectible coins and sportscards with a declared value of approximately $8.
Consequently, although students may believe their completed assignments are well done given the time available, they may be graded unfavorably by the teacher.
Tumors are graded according to a three-tiered scoring system, which is based on an evaluation of several morphologic characteristics: the amount of intracystic component, the type of cell composition, the pattern of invasion, the presence or absence of necrosis, the mitotic count, and the degree of nuclear pleomorphism.
In language arts, no test was to be graded below "50," even one that was turned in blank.
Although it looks like a ghost town, the mall once so close to the Valley Girl's heart is still open, so we graded it.