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As an alternative to the graded school and its "liberal" education, R.W.E.
The second group opposed to the Graded School consisted of at least some members of the local African American community.
The statewide furor over segregated school funding quickly became entwined in Wilson County with the campaign to approve a local tax to support the Graded School.
As the election approached, however, supporters of the graded schools tax found that they had very possibly outsmarted themselves.
In addition, the law's authors evidently also had taken care to include in the new district as many black households as possible on the theory that black men in Wilson would vote for the tax in order to get a graded school that they had already tried and failed to establish.
The response of graded school supporters to the possibility of defeat was to make a last minute appeal to the self-interest of both landless white farmers and local African Americans.