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For Google, which already has other venture capital arms like GV, launching a secondary firm like Gradient that's dedicated solely to artificial intelligence investment speaks to the interest that AI has sparked among tech companies.
As an NR-IQA in this study, the gradient distribution model of face images is exploited.
One ml of 90% gradient (Sperm Grad, Vitrolife) was placed into 15ml conical tube (BD Falcon) with transfer pipette 3ml (BD Falcon).
The slow color changes of a gradient yarn lend themselves to all kinds of creative techniques in knitting design.
11] [12] [13] considering the learning of road gradient profile over multiple passes along the same route by heavy duty vehicles.
The commission and Gradient researchers took issue with those characterizations, calling their findings honest, important scientific contributions that dare to challenge the establishment view.
The exact form of the generalization gradient is dependent, in part, on how well participants can distinguish among the various stimuli constituting the stimulus set.
The most plausible solution is to measure small areas (samples) from strategic locations in the original image and produce a simulation of the gradient.
The acquisition stems from a cooperative agreement between Agilent and Gradient that began in 2012, when a version of Gradient's technology was integrated into the ADS software as part of a comprehensive multitechnology solution for RFIC and MMIC development.