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Specifically, this paper will 1) briefly review issues with grading as a form of assessment; 2) examine the practice of self-assessment in professional programs; and 3) describe a methodology by which student self-assessment may co-exist with instructor grading.
Kidd Wong, a 32-year-old Los Angeles city clerk who had just eaten at a downtown restaurant with a B grade, said he feels safer knowing the county is grading restaurants.
Grading leniency is a removable contaminant of student ratings.
He recommended a few grading techniques to help me help my students pass.
The Board of Supervisors created the grading system in early 1998 after a television station's hidden-camera report showed filthy kitchens and sloppy food-handling techniques in some restaurants.
During the grading process, tension arises when there is a difference between the grade that the teacher assigns and the grade that the student expects (Goulden & Griffin, 1995).
In supporting a plus/minus grading system, another faculty member wrote, "I believe that many instructors look at students' progress, see [them] as having improved .
Health officials attribute the peak in reports in 1998 to news media coverage of the new grading system.
This is true even if the purpose of grading is more specifically defined--as in the following list by Professor James M.
Between the new number approach and the hundred or so subsystems in use, another widespread way of grading seems only to complicate the situation.