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During the day, the gradual cessation of precipitation and reduction of the cloudiness.
The Russian central bank has said that it is expecting to implement gradual rate cuts as risks persist in the financial market.
A systematic review by the same authors (Lindson-Hawley et al) compared gradual reduction of smoking with abrupt cessation and found comparable quit rates.
Starting to shrink the balance sheet earlier and doing so in a very gradual fashion implies very little reduction in the degree of monetary stimulus coming from the U.
The Central Bank expects a positive and significant contribution of the gradual recovery of production in some sectors that have experienced disturbance and a near shutdown of production in 2015, especially the chemical, mining, phosphate and energy industries.
Thus, gradual cessation did not prove to be noninferior to abrupt cessation.
Fisher and Frey are champions of traditional top down teaching methods often known as direct teaching but which they term the gradual release model.
CBC Governor and financial institutions representatives "agreed on the implementation of the CBC's proposal for a gradual reduction of deposit rates from May 1 2013 onwards".
BEIRUT: Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun called Wednesday for the gradual implementation of democracy in the Middle East.
The potential solution to improve adhesion of the coatings is to use gradual change structures.
This gradual manner will happen, but we need time to make it happen in a safe and orderly manner.
PPC said that the gradual hunger strike will take place on Monday, Saturday and Wednesday and will then join the national program followed by the rest of the central prisons.