gradual decline

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Some thought that their once brilliant friend was in an incipient stage of insanity, of which his passionate impulses had perhaps been the forerunners; others prognosticated a general blight and gradual decline.
Huntingdon's wrongs or unmoved by her sufferings, but, I must confess, I felt a kind of selfish gratification in watching her husband's gradual decline in her good graces, and seeing how completely he extinguished all her affection at last.
A statement issued byDirectorate General of Meteorologysaid thatthe numerical forecast maps point out to gradual decline of the tropical depression over the coming 48 hours without having any direct effects on the Sultanate's coasts over the coming two days.
Natural gas reservoirs have been in gradual decline since the last production well was drilled in 2010.
Then the gradual decline in production in the 40s and 50s expected at 91.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) plans to keep a tight rein on bank interest rates as the country's inflation is witnessing a gradual decline, a senior bank official said.
Following the few months of properly implemented measures by these organisations, there is remarkable gradual decline in the outbreak.
1 percent of Italians over the age of six read a book for pleasure last year, marking a gradual decline from 46.
They have witnessed their farm's gradual decline, and to make matters worse, Ben has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
Highly profitable for decades this business has seen a gradual decline in sales over the last few years since the owner, suffering from health issues, has been unable to manage operations.
The gradual decline in the inflation pressures has also been confirmed by the latest statistics about the costs of living in March 2014.
He wrote: "This country has been a gradual decline southwards towards the dogs ever since we started cow-towing to the cretinous pseudo-equality demand of these whinging (sic) imbeciles.