gradual decline

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Some thought that their once brilliant friend was in an incipient stage of insanity, of which his passionate impulses had perhaps been the forerunners; others prognosticated a general blight and gradual decline.
Huntingdon's wrongs or unmoved by her sufferings, but, I must confess, I felt a kind of selfish gratification in watching her husband's gradual decline in her good graces, and seeing how completely he extinguished all her affection at last.
Despite an overall gradual decline in the number of people living in poverty over the past 20 years, the report says progress on child poverty has stalled with nearly a third of children (30%) in Wales still affected.
The main reasons for this are the gradual decline in the level of dollarization in the country, the stabilization of manat rate since April 2017 and, as a result, the growth of confidence in it, as well as the process of restructuring the International Bank of Azerbaijan, which had a positive impact on the banking sector as a whole, she noted.
98 billion in 2017, exports to the neighbouring country including lime, cement and fabricated construction materials (other than glass and clay) have been on a gradual decline since hitting record highs of Sh75.
It is the most common form of juvenile macular degeneration and affects around one in 10,000 children who suffer a gradual decline in vision which leads to blindness in adulthood.
The industry stakeholders drew the attention towards the gradual decline in the exports of the sector to different countries while the sector continues to face challenge of Iranian cement's smuggling also.
But his output went on a gradual decline in the following quarters as the Aces lost to the Hotshots 108-95 at Filoil Flying V Centre in San Juan.
Speaking to business leaders and city industrialists at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Suhail Anwar Khan Siyal, however, insisted that the data compiled by the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) showed a gradual decline in incidents of crime.
Financial expenses have seen a gradual hike by seven percent since the Egyptian pound floatation in November; however, the firm forecasts a gradual decline in such expenses in the coming period, which will reflect positively on the company's financial results.
As in previous editions of the textbook, says Pugh, students can follow many of the key themes in modern British history, such as the evolution of democracy, rise of the labor movement, the advance of women to the economic and political center, consumerism, the rise and fall of empire, and the gradual decline of Britain as an industrial power.
Despite construction permits for more than 38,000 new units issued in 2015--the highest since before the recession--vacancy rates will continue their gradual decline through 2018, the report predicted.