gradual evolution

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The 13 thematic meetings, with explanations and discussion, are supported by the gradual evolution of working examples of live web documents and applications using the mainstream programming languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Another contrast: Although paleontologists have discovered fossils that chronicle the gradual evolution of birds, Alexander writes, the earliest flying members of the other groups are, for now, frustratingly absent from the fossil record.
And retailers in the business need to go that extra mile to understand this gradual evolution and suggest solutions that will enable customers to store and transfer data without any hiccups.
With 5G, we see more of a gradual evolution occurring .
It's a step-by-step process of gradual evolution rather than sudden makeover.
Instead, institutions should be allowed to grow so as to ensure a gradual evolution of people's political consciousness.
As with all cities there has been a gradual evolution as old has made way for new, and for much of that time it was steady progress.
From the looks of things, however, this alleged Build 9788 aACAo if it is real aACAo will be more of a gradual evolution of Windows 8.
The change from the bottom is a gradual evolution of changes about awareness of this issue.
Cotabato City - Maguindanao, one of five component provinces of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), continued to draw citations for its gradual evolution from the armed conflicts and feudal politics in a trend that motivated incumbent local officials to aspire for a "hall of fame" in the government's annual Seal of Good Housekeeping awards.
The study combines a structural analysis that aims to identify the social, economic, and legal structures of the late Middle Ages and Early Modern period that made it possible for market society to develop (and the changes to those structures that occurred due to the rise of markets) with a process perspective that stresses the gradual evolution of commercialization in England and focuses on the development pattern and potential of this process.
Following NAA tradition and having worked for 14 years to promote the leadership of Latinos on Wall Street, business and government, the NAA Wall Street Summit showcased the gradual evolution on Wall Street and Corporate America acknowledging the market value and contribution of the American Latino community and a push towards greater inclusion.