gradual evolution

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The absence of quick-fix solutions courtesy of a Sugar Daddy has ensured the pace of progress has been one of gradual evolution rather than dramatic revolution.
What started off with the intention of being a gradual evolution has become a rather bloody revolution since Bruce took the reins in May.
The new fossil teeth show one facet of gradual evolution, the investigators report in the March 5 Science.
Since she met him in the mid-1980s, Archer has noticed a gradual evolution in Pirouzian.
The gradual evolution from designing semi-industrial buildings on edge-of-town sites to buildings of greater complexity and cultural significance in the centres of cities has moved the practice's architecture into a new and rewarding dimension.
The prime minister was comfortable with developments as a gradual evolution,' Ong said.
It is not a startling change, rather another nuanced step in a gradual evolution.
Over the course of the chapter, Shields suggests the gradual evolution of Abe's theater from one of words to one of sound and movement.
To explain the gradual evolution of the dowry, Nazzari proposes that the predominatly land-owning seventeenth-century family began to have strong competition from a commercial class in the eighteenth century.
Moderated by Beau Goldie, Chief Executive Officer of Santa Clara Valley Water District, the panel's discussion focused on the gradual evolution of the State Water Project and the State's changing environmental ethic.
Its ambitious goal is to create guidelines and a platform that, respecting the organizational culture of crisis response and EU legislation and concerns on privacy, considers the related organisational, human, technological, legal and ethical dimensions to enable a gradual evolution towards the full implementation of iSAR+ services, an efficient and effective solution to articulate the involvement of new media users in the effort to ensure citizens security in SAR and crisis situations.
The artist ponders the condition of the Modern Art and the gradual evolution of the Collector who is turning into the Investor in the modern society.