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One of the greatest gifts of Christianity, it should be observed, and one of the most important influences in medieval civilization, was the network of monasteries which were now gradually established and became centers of active hospitality and the chief homes of such learning as was possible to the time.
This expression, which may be called a line, was taken up and repeated by the crowd; others might be added to it, and thus gradually, in the course of generations, arose the regular habit of communal composition, composition of something like complete ballads by the throng as a whole.
Again the withered hag poured forth the monotonous words of a prayer that was not meant to be acceptable in heaven; and soon, in the pauses of her breath, strange murmurings began to thicken, gradually increasing so as to drown and overpower the charm by which they grew.
The level of dollarization will gradually decline in Azerbaijan, Director of the Monetary Policy Department of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Azar Alasgarov said at an annual meeting of Fitch Ratings in Baku March 1.
Global Banking News-May 19, 2017--HSBC says Vietnam's inflation cooling gradually
According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), a possible heatwave is expected to hit the port city of Karachi, as temperature would gradually increase from 38AA,C to 40AA,C, a private news channel reported.
Tomorrow and Wednesday Strong winds and heavy rain for a time, becoming gradually drier through the evening on Wednesday.
that gradually arch to the middle, where the effect is quite agitated, and then the emotion gradually subsides.
Ali bin A'mer al-Shibani, Head of Public Relations and Media at the Omani Astronomical Society said that on that day the day will be equal to the night in most countries of the world after which the day will be gradually shorter and the night will be gradually longer.
Summary: The European Central Bank announced Thursday that it will launch a new series of euro banknotes gradually over the coming years, starting with a new five-euro note in May 2013.
In [1], a single gradually changed structure with fixed space but gradually reduced metal width from outside to inside has been proposed.
The chief of the People's Bank of China has said that he favoured an increase in the value of the Chinese currency, but it would be allowed to appreciate only gradually.