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Phillips, Kenny, Esterman, and Smith (2014) examined needs of graduate nurses who were transitioning into the RN role by a secondary analysis of qualitative data.
The graduate nurse experience qualitative residency program outcomes.
To understand the new graduate employment experience is to acknowledge that generally today's job market is a difficult one for new graduate nurses to obtain positions.
Literature suggests that the inclusion of regularly scheduled meetings to assess orientation progress can positively benefit the difficult role transition of the new graduate nurse (Goodwin-Esola, Deely, & Powell, 2009).
Research results report new graduate nurses do not feel prepared to manage patients or other staff, function in independent leadership roles, communicate with physicians, or provide care in an organized manner (Candela & Bowles, 2008; Casey, Fink, Krugman, & Propst, 2004).
Using the Scenarios and Debriefing The scenario development team collaborated with the nursing staff development coordinator to facilitate the use of high-fidelity scenarios for new graduate nurses as part of the monthly new graduate program.
In 1998, the New Zealand Ministry of Health initiated a taskforce on nursing which recommended the development of a national framework for the first year of clinical practice for new graduate nurses (Ministerial Taskforce on Nursing, 1998).
MedAppz, the leader in web-based electronic health record (EHR) applications, announced today that Florida A&M's graduate nurse practitioner program has chosen to standardize on MedAppz iSuite technology in order to better manage scheduling, medical and billing records.
Key words included new graduate nurse, transition to practice, newly licensed nurse, and residency program.
However, if you have any other personal insights or recommendations--or if you are interested in joining the New Graduate Nurse Advisory Committee--please contact NMNA through dwalker@nmna.
Graduate nurses have had their wages slashed by [euro]4,000, meaning they are being paid as little as [euro]22,000 a year.
Rowe organized the Pima County Graduate Nurse Organization in 1918 and was the first president of the group.

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