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Eighty-three percent of bachelor's degree recipients reported finding full- or part-time employment within six months of graduating, which is up 1 percent from the 2012-2013 survey.
college graduates report graduating with more than $25,000 in student debt, in inflation-adjusted dollars.
If a graduating student is unemployable or only employable with extensive retraining, then the educational institution, in essence, has failed.
For your predecessors in the 01 and 02 classes, they found themselves "engaged" within days of graduating.
Annual attempts by counselors to report graduation rates accurately to the administration, however, led to conflicting reports and the recurring demand to know exactly how many students in a given class were graduating on time.
Nearly all of the respondents indicated that, after graduating from the academy, they were more willing to help the police solve neighborhood problems.
Presumably many 18- to 24-year-olds who are still in school were held back and end up not graduating from high school.
Utilizing the extensive database of the Educational Testing Service, we could track our students' progress and provide them with an objective assessment as to where they stood vis-a-vis other graduating psychology majors throughout the entire country.
The report found that six months after graduating, 50 per cent of women had found the first job in their preferred career compared to 56 per cent of men.
Job placements are slated to begin in January 2007, with 2/3 of the graduating class already receiving employment offers from major refineries.