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IOWGEORDIEEXILE, Via Chronicle Live MARK SAYS: I don't think there is anything wrong with Newcastle fans aspiring to a bit more than an ungifted grafter.
The Oxfordshire-born grafter, 31, also played 200 games at Sunderland - many alongside Boro's Grant Leadbitter - before a PS3m move to the Potters in July 2009.
Reinforcements in trying to stop these big players came from forwards Thomas Spiliotis, Max Corscadden, the coach's man of the match, and Scott Moorhouse - grafter award.
Photographer Colin Jones' new book, Grafters, is full of them in a breathtaking look at working-class Britain.
He was a grafter. I have joked that if we had nothing to do as kids, Dad would make us dig a hole and fill it in.
Top tackler and grafter awards went to the team, with most improved to Rushworth and Drennan.
He was a real grafter and you knew you'd always get a run for your money, even if he might bump into one or two too good.
For the building trade, landscapers and other utilitarian uses we have introduced the 'Grafter' available as an 'off-the forecourt' truck pre- bodied as a tipper or dropside.
The international midfield grafter needed a week to recover from his exertions against England and Poland in World Cup qualifiers, and found himself axed by Black Cats boss Mick McCarthy.
Awards went to: Under 10: Harry Drennan grafter of the year; Jacob Garbutt most improved player of the year, Eleanor Smith player of the year, Max Groves sportsman of the year and Dan May players' player and top tackler.
He's a grafter, getting up and down the flank and taking on the full-back.