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GRAMME. A French weight. The gramme is the weight of a cubic centimetre of distilled water, at the temperature of zero. It is equal to 15.4441 grains troy, or 5.6481 drachms avoirdupois. Vide. Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The maximum gold grade for the waste rock samples was 6.5 gramme of gold per tonne of ore from the North British Reef, and the assayed materials was a host rock slate that did not contain any quarts content.
The 50% increase in naan price from Rs10 to Rs15 was approved by the Peshawar Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali Asgar with the condition of increasing the weight of the staple flatbread from 175 grammes to 190 grammes.
This Elements drive here supports USB 3.0 and weighs only 100 grammes. It works with PC, Mac, and Linux alike.
Stick to cereals with less than 12 grammes of sugar per serving.
Users have to register and the drug will only be sold at licensed pharmacies at around 75c a gramme.
But Heinz has offended thousands of long-time sauce addicts by reducing the salt quota to just 1.3 grammes, sparking complaints that the familiar tangy taste has been ruined.
For HDPE closures used in water bottles, the weight is reduced by 30 per cent from 2.5 grammes to 1.75 grammes.
Take the skin off chicken before you eat it and drop four grammes of fat.
Vegetable intake increased by 500-750 grammes per person per day -equivalent to three to five servings of vegetables--during the rainy season in villages with solar systems.
The agency said half a pint of milk a day would mean 80 grammes of fat a week on full fat milk, 40 grammes using semi-skimmed but 20 grammes with 1% fat milk.
It will reduce the average CO2 emissions of light commercial vehicles to 175 grammes per kilometre in 2016.
dubai: A man went on trial yesterday accused of smuggling and dealing more than 700 grammes of heroin.The Pakistani, 23, was caught by police with 770 grammes of the drug in his stomach at Dubai Airport."I scanned him using the X-ray machine and it showed strange materials in his stomach," a police officer said.