grand larceny

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Grand Larceny

A category of larceny—the offense of illegally taking the property of another—in which the value of the property taken is greater than that set for petit larceny.

At Common Law, the punishment for grand larceny was death. Today, grand larceny is a statutory crime punished by a fine, imprisonment, or both.

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grand larceny

n. the crime of theft of another's property (including money) over a certain value (for example, $500), as distinguished from petty (or petit) larceny in which the value is below the grand larceny limit. Some states only recognize the crime of larceny, but draw the line between a felony (punishable by state prison time) and a misdemeanor (local jail and/or fine) based on the amount of the loot. (See: larceny, theft)

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grand larceny

a more serious version of the crime of LARCENY.
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US boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr has been arrested in Las Vegas on suspicion of grand larceny and domestic battery after an ex-girlfriend accused him of beating her in front of their children, according to police and court documents.
Halderman was indicted by a grand jury in October and previously pleaded not guilty to attempted grand larceny. He had faced up to 15 years in prison if convicted.
Christopher Aldorasi, 36, was convicted in April of 20 counts, including enterprise corruption, grand larceny and reckless endangerment.
A former Oklahoma claim manager recently pleaded guilty to five felony counts of grand larceny by fraud.
One suspect, Jarrod Beinerman, 33, was being held on EUR50,000 (pounds 25,000) bond after being arraigned in a Manhattan court on burglary and grand larceny charges.
LET'S talk about theft, let's talk about larceny, but in this case it is not petty theft, it is gigantic theft and grand larceny: the theft of a country.
Although original cast members Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn and Little Nell all made appearances that night, it was Anthony Head's gloriously teasing Frank 'N' Furter who didn't so much steal the show as commit grand larceny.
A subsequent interview with the suspect resulted in the clearance of 5 grand larceny cases in our jurisdiction as well as at least 4 cases in a neighboring county.
He was found guilty of grand larceny, conspiracy, securities fraud and eight of nine counts of falsifying business records.
Rose and Hall were each charged with two counts of grand larceny, two counts of conspiracy to commit grand larceny and two counts of committing grand larceny with intent to distribute stolen property.
Yates, charges the 8 former executives from the insurance brokerage firm Marsh, a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies based in New York, with scheming to defraud, restraint of trade and competition, and grand larceny.
POLICE investigating how a human finger ended up in a bowl of Wendy's chilli declared it a hoax after a woman was arrested on charges of attempted grand larceny. The claim by Anna Ayala, 39, of Las Vegas, has allegedly cost Wendy's $2.5m (pounds 1.3m).