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GRAND. An epithet frequently used to denote that the thing. to which it is joined is of more importance and dignity, than other things of the same name; as, grand assize, a writ in a real action to determine the right of property in land; grand cape, a writ used in England, on a plea of land, when the tenant makes default in appearance at the day given for the king to take the land into his hands; grand days, among the English lawyers, are those days in term which are solemnly kept in the inns of court and chancery, namely, Candlemas day, in Hilary term; Ascension day, in Easter term; and All Saint's day, in Michaelmas term; which days are dies non juridici. Grand distress is the name of a writ so called because of its extent, namely, to all. the goods and chattels of the party distrained within the county; this writ is believed to be peculiar to England. Grand Jury. (q. v.) Grand serjeantry, the name of an ancient English military tenure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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THE Grand Old Man of Tyneside boxing has been rightly honoured.
Krishnan Nair -- known as the grand old man of Indian hospitality industry -- passed away on Saturday morning after a brief illness.
Achuthanandan, the grand old man of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM), was yesterday dropped from the politburo, the most powerful decision making body of the party.
Wednesday Attenborough and the Giant Egg BBC Two Wales, 8pm The grand old man of the nature show goes on a personal journey of discovery in search of the last remaining traces of the extinct elephant bird.
The grand old man will be 92 next month and doesn't get out much these days.
Even Lord Heseltine, the grand old man of the Conservative party, has warned that Mr Cameron's European views are disastrous, while the White House is dismayed at what they might mean for America's relations with the UK and EU.
But Gladstone is much more than a mere historic figure; he has a powerful relevance to our own times, claims Prof the Lord Alton, who will give a lecture about the Grand Old Man tomorrow in Liverpool.
The grand old man of the team, 40-year-old fellow opener Sanath Jayasuriya, has even more to prove with a meagre 10 from his first outing followed by a duck in the second outing.
JB PRIESTLY, the Grand Old Man of English literature, has died at his home in Stratford-upon-Avon after a short illness.
He became known as the "grand old man" of politics and famously said he would always "back the masses against the classes".
The grand old man of Worcestershire was known as the sergeant major at the Lickeys and is still an upright and commanding figure.
Holland, the "grand old man" of the band at 60 years old, is everything a jazz bassist could be and more.