grand total

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On the other hand, Trump would get 20,000 votes in the first state plus 27,500 in each of the eight other states (or 220,000 in the eight), giving him a grand total of 240,000 popular votes nationwide.
Select the Grand Total cell and apply a Double Accounting Underline to that cell.
They join the other 13 schools in the county borough to have won the award, bringing the grand total to 15.
of Education Funding 2001 2002 2003 GRAND TOTAL 73,929,485,607 86,356,523,692 96,488,804,195 ESEA TITLE I 8,762,721,000 10,350,000,000 11,688,664,000 2004 2005 2006 GRAND TOTAL 105,127,528,512 110,164,430,376 116,178,191,532 ESEA TITLE I 12,342,309,000 12,739,571,000 13,342,309,000 2001 to 2006 % change GRAND TOTAL 57% ESEA TITLE I 52% NOTE: Allocations for fiscal years 2005 and 2006 are preliminary estimates Source: U.
10 Squadron helped initiate Sopwith's graceful little triplane to action, and also included several high-scoring aces on its roster, such as Canadian Ray Collishaw, who eventually tallied a grand total of 60 kills and saw service in WW II as an air commodore.
Merchant also sold off its Woodwards department store in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, for pounds 4m, making a grand total of pounds 29.
At the time, a grand total of six people were holed up in churches.
An unusual high-barrier cast film has 35 micro-layers of EVOH alternating with another polymer, plus tie, regrind, and surface seal layers--for a grand total of 75 layers in all.
5bn HTTP requests have been registered, an increase of 150% on the grand total of 1.
AS RECENTLY REPORTED AND published by the Telecommunications Carriers Association: The Japanese market added 500,000 new subscribers in December of last year, reaching a grand total of about 80 million mobile subscribers.
But he's got the grand total of eight to his name this season and spent most of his time in the physio's room.