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The protests in Taksim Square, Ankara and Izmir have proven that the policies of the Grand Vizier were not sacrosanct, and that the final word belongs to the people.
The paintings are titled 'Dinner given by the Grand Vizier in honour of the Ambassador Kuefstein,' 'Imperial Procession,' 'Janissary,' and 'Sbahi.
Enter through the old City Walls and visit the Kaleiii Camii - the mosque built in the 17th century for Grand Vizier akfz Kara Mehmed Pasha.
Ebrahim Pasha, the Grand Vizier whose ruthlessness was legendary and who was "more royalist than the king," rarely vacillated, something that could not be said of Davutoglu.
His Grand Vizier was Bozorgmehr, a man of exceptional wisdom and sage councils.
After the death of the Grand Vizier al-Muzaffar in 1008, the Umayyad Caliphate of Spain became involved in a bloody civil war that lasted until 1031 resulting in the collapse of the central authority of Cordoba.
By 1795, 150 American citizens had been enslaved by the grand vizier (dey) of Algiers, Hassan Bashaw.
Lavishly bribing everyone from the mayor, Hussein Husseini, to the grand vizier in Istanbul, Parker and his crew succeeded in digging on the Temple Mount itself.
With the third home that day, Grand Vizier, having since bolted up at Brighton, the form looks tight.
His first trip to Istanbul took place in 1692, when the Marquis was introduced to the grand vizier by the French ambassador, Pierre-Antoine Castagneres, Marquis de Chateauneuf, who sought de Ferriol's assistance and participation in the Ottoman campaigns within the context of the Franco-Ottoman alliance.
The quotation below is from a fourteen-line poem "The Handsome Young Waiter" by Shmuel Hanagid (Samuel the Prince; [993-1056], Jewish grand vizier of Granada, Spain, translated from the Hebrew by Hillel Halkin.
To those critics who suggest that the museum "seek to demystify the museum-going experience," de Montebello, the grand vizier of the museum's connoisseur culture, has answered, "I must say, I view our role quite differently; in fact, the very opposite.