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Summary: Villagers are also planting saplings in the name of their daughters and grand-daughters
One quote from an adult to my grand-daughter was: 'I've got a good mind to go down and break her legs'.
My sincere thanks and those of my grand-daughter are due to these people who took such care for a young woman in distress.
The Energizer bunny has nothing |on our grand-daughter Jeannie
Jenny said: "What a delight for great great grandma Pam to meet her great great grand-daughter Rosie.
xxxx Welcome first great-grand-daughter for Grandma and Grandpa Oyston, Grandma and Grandad Heppell and first great-great- grand-daughter for Nana.
HRH the Premier took pride in his grand-daughter, being the first GCC woman to showcase a fashion label in the event.
BEST BAR NAN Pauline O'Regan with her grand-daughters Emelia, 10, top, and four-year-old twins Aoife and Sophie Deane
My grand-daughter, a child, Full of gentleness and grace.
The attorney for the parents of Casey Anthony is denying media reports which claimed that they believe their grand-daughter is guilty of killing her daughter, Caylee.
A DEVOTED elderly couple found murdered in Wolverhampton were killed in their own bed, their grieving grand-daughter revealed today.
SIR Alan Beith's election campaign has been interrupted by labour - the arrival of a baby grand-daughter.