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GRANDCHILDREN, domestic relations. The children of one's children. Sometimes these may claim bequests given in a will to children, though in general they can make no such claim. 6 Co. 16.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If a grandchild has set a date for their wedding you can give pounds 2,500, however this gift will not be considered outside the donor's estate until the marriage has taken place.
Their eldest great grandchild, Julie Spear, 26, of Crosby, Merseyside, gave birth to Melissa last month.
I think the bond between grandparents and grandchildren is a vital connection between you and your grandchild; that blossoms fully when the child has your undivided attention in an unhurried atmosphere.
The divorce of the grandchild could add a shareholder, but at that point, Galvin, Inc.
Jennifer said that her grandmother Nora, of Nelson Road, Dudley, had welcomed Dermani Burke, a baby boy aged eight months, as her first great-great grandchild.
Nominations for the Age Concern Grandparent of the Year Award close on November 18 and finalists from around the country will be given an allexpenses paid trip to London with their grandchild.
For example, a transfer called a direct skip may be a cash gift from a grandfather to a grandchild. A taxable distribution might be a transfer to a grandchild from a trust that a grandfather established for his children and grandchildren.
Example: In June 1980, H established a $500,000 irrevocable trust, providing income to his wife W for life and the remainder to their grandchild. W has a general power of appointment over half of the trust assets, which were valued at $1,500,000 at her death in 1989.
An individual who wishes to transfer $1 million net to a grandchild would require assets of $4,938,272 in order to do so: Amount available in grandparent's estate $4,938,272 Less: Federal estate tax at 55% (2,716,050) Amount received by child, preserved and bequeathed to grandchild 2,222,222 Less: Federal estate tax in child's estate at 55% (1,222,222) Balance to grandchild from parent's estate $1,000,000
She was predeceased by one grandchild, Corie Groman.
But the Bootle gran's best gift arrived unwrapped - her first great, great granddaughter and 53rd grandchild, Melissa Eve.
Example 1: A parent transfers $1,000,000 of stock to a trust, with the child to receive income for life and the grandchild to receive the remainder.