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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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STONE ME Ellie Goulding, left and Taylor Swift get up close and personal with granddaddy of rock Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones at the bash
Granddaddy sops up egg yolk with the last of his biscuit.
Dub and so on, but I've always known him as Granddaddy.
And not at all as icky as when Granddaddy and I went to Sardis.
It was in that October issue of CW that Wood made his reappearance as wordsmith granddaddy with his new column, "Wood on Words.
Despite the French invasion of California's sparkling wine turf by such familiar Champagne names as Roederer, Chandon, Mumm, Piper and Taittinger, Napa's bubbling granddaddy, Schramsberg, has never been more successful than it is today.
org/usa/campaigns/oceans, in many ways the granddaddy of nonprofits seeking to save the seas (or at least the large mammals therein) has an oceans site that concentrates on its principal concerns of commercial whaling, overfishing, and deep sea bottom trawling.
Perhaps a granddaddy to most municipal recycling programs, this one works using an incentive-based deposit system that requires an assessment of a deposit from contractors before issuance of a building permit.
Babette's Feast (Orion Classic, 1987) The granddaddy of all Eucharist films, Gabriel Dixon's translation of Isak Dinesen's novel to the big screen has been played for more church groups than Pachelbel's Canon.
The Virginia winter clouds hang frozen in the sky over Assateague Island as Granddaddy and I climb from his four-wheel-drive truck.
He snarled and snapped and terrified turtles just like his granddaddy.
It's summer and that means a visit to the granddaddy of Sarasota's outdoor luncheon spots--the Hob Nob.