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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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STONE ME Ellie Goulding, left and Taylor Swift get up close and personal with granddaddy of rock Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones at the bash
Friends and family pitched in to help with Granddaddy, or to do farm chores while Novak worked on building the snowman.
Granddaddy sops up egg yolk with the last of his biscuit.
As I drove Granddaddy to Florida with my Mom and best friend in tow, he refused to utter more than four words from the backseat: "Are we there yet?
Dub and so on, but I've always known him as Granddaddy.
Every year in September, we would go to the woods and begin cutting trees for the winter and for lumber, since Granddaddy also had a sawmill.
The article was about this year's San Francisco parade, the daddy, if not the granddaddy, of all such annual events.
In Gloucestershire they took part in what Paddy affectionately called "the granddaddy of weird sports", cheeserolling.
Georgia Tate Johnson has led a quiet life with her Nana and Granddaddy Tate in Ripley, Mississippi.
The granddaddy of public markets in the West celebrates its centennial this year.
Of course, the granddaddy of them all, the 1929 stock market crash, gave us some of the most lasting--and most respected--rules and regulatory bodies, among them the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Granddaddy would say you had to go when the fish were biting.