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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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Mallari's grandfather clocks are examples of functional art that can be used to tell the time (and chime at the appropriate time), while admired for their Victorian industrial chic.
It also incorporates an opening APET rigid window panel and foil embossed chimes that artfully simulate a real grandfather clock.
A grandfather clock ranges from 6ft to 8ft and, in actual fact, you could carry more than a 9ft tree if you didn't mind a bit sticking out of the rear hatch with, of course, the obligatory red rag attached.
Grandfather clock My mum used to have a grandfather clock and I always loved it.
THIS classic children's story has been adapted by Birmingham Stage Company, and takes Tom and audiences into a magical secret garden which appears when the grandfather clock chimes 13 times.
Tom has always believed it cannot be done, but when the grandfather clock in the hallway chimes 13 times, he is transported to a secret garden from the past.
I imagine a grandfather clock falling from a building, shattering on the sidewalk: wood, glass, metal, coil, spring.
I can take a grandfather clock to pieces and put it back together again" - Veteran entertainer Nicholas Parsons, on a surprising attribute.
But there's plenty of opportunity to continue with a selection of gin cocktails in the lounge after, where a grandfather clock deems it ten to eight - otherwise known as gin o'clock - at all times.
Handcrafted from solid wood and featuring intricate craftsmanship and modern, simplistic lines, these clocks are a true update on the classic grandfather clock, and the perfect complement for modern interiors.
take the back off an ornate grandfather clock and reveal its delicate inner workings, you can marvel at its intricacy and beauty.
Anyone who lives in a grandfather clock has me written all over him.