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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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The new online store offers a vast array of traditional grandfather clocks, pendulum wall clocks, and cuckoo clocks.
The Electro-Watts Grandfather Clock will leverage today's technology to outfit the traditional grandfather clock design with a variety of customizable features and attractive displays.
With the new design grandfather clock, Studio Cloggy[sup.
The front passenger seat will also go down, allowing enough room for the aforementioned grandfather clock to be transported.
Handcrafted from solid wood and featuring intricate craftsmanship and modern, simplistic lines, these clocks are a true update on the classic grandfather clock, and the perfect complement for modern interiors.
take the back off an ornate grandfather clock and reveal its delicate inner workings, you can marvel at its intricacy and beauty.
Anyone who lives in a grandfather clock has me written all over him.
You can always keep time with this quirky Grandfather clock watch ring.
There are individual oak floorboards in the prize dollhouse, and its working grandfather clock in a cherry cabinet came out of a ceramic piece he found.
Harris was an instrument technician during WWII and put his talents to good use at his jewellery store with its specialty watch and clock-repair service and grandfather clock sales.
Firefighters found that mercury had leaked from the pendulum of an antique grandfather clock.
On arrival, they found that mercury had leaked from the pendulum of a grandfather clock.