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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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A grandfatherly figure, he became Deborah Lewis' instructor in Sufism, an eighth-century strain of Islamic mysticism, as well as her spiritual mentor.
began running the Rodman ads last year as part of its campaign featuring young people eating messy burgers, representing a major departure from its straightforward commercials featuring grandfatherly founder Carl Karcher chatting amiably into the camera.
His support for William at Diana's funeral suggested a real grandfatherly love.
So, unlike the almost grandfatherly Guthridge - who moved in with Smith into a windowless office in the bottom of the Smith Center - Doherty sometimes yells, sometimes kicks things.
No one has to tell the mother that the grandfatherly man with the smiling face is one of the most famous persons in sports history, a basketball Hall of Famer as a player and coach, and a legendary figure whose face, 25 years after he last coached a game, is one of the most recognizable in America.
But scratch the contented master craftsman and you'll quickly find the curmudgeonly Altman spirit of yore not far beneath the grandfatherly surface.
Like firing general manager Claire and manager Russell, each popular in what used to be thought of as the Dodgers family, only hours after the death of Al Campanis, the grandfatherly former GM.
Although he projects an imposing ecclesiastical figure, dressed in black from a veil covering his hat to his flowing black robes, the image is softened by a grandfatherly face, framed by a long, rectangular white beard.
His pragmatic and gentle conservatism, his condemnation of injustice, and his warm G-rated humor made him the grandfatherly figure that I never experienced in real life.
What you see is a grandfatherly figure who is a father of two and a loving husband who met his wife, Aase, at Golden Gate Fields in the late 1950s.
The sort of grandfatherly senior citizens found the world over, grumbling about the youth of today and reminiscing about the past.