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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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Young aspirers to Literature who face the stakes open-eyed, yet roll the dice, have my grandfatherly blessing and a ghostly kiss," he said.
On this day, the anniversary of the enactment of ERISA, surrounded by dozens of new born babies and their photogenic moms, a grandfatherly Donald Trump pens the historic law enabling all children to begin saving up to $1,000 a year in their own personal retirement savings accounts through age 18.
At EY's symposium, Sanctions & Financial Crime Compliance--Raising the Bar 2015, Michael Adlem, MENA Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services Leader, EY outlined, "We are advising banks and family businesses alike to tread carefully, because if sanctions are lifted and in the event a snapback happens, there are no grandfatherly clauses to protect you and if you take a risk now, then do your due diligence.
Striking at times a grandfatherly tone, he spoke of his desire to foster a "kinder politics".
In India, before the advent of satellite and cable TV, Doordarshan used to provide Channel Nine's feed of important India matches from Australia, and the genial, grandfatherly man was the face that welcomed you to the magical world of coloured clothing, floodlights and amazing ( for the era) graphics like the duck that accompanied the batsman when he was out for nought.
The press, not to mention the political class in general, can be so ill-tempered and ill-educated that it forces intelligent politicians to hide their intelligence, like President Ronald Reagan in the famous Saturday Night Live skit, who, after a shambling, grandfatherly greeting to a visiting Girl Scout, immediately began barking orders to his staff, quoting Montesquieu, and speaking Arabic and German am Telephon.
There are flashes of high and often mucky abandon - sections on grandfatherly sexual advice and debasing a Littlewoods catalogue in particular are both ribald and rib-tickling.
The comedy between them lies both in the humorous verbal exchanges and in the visual aspect of this unlikely coupling; a white haired grandfatherly Allen technically becoming the flower arranger's pimp.
Despite his "somewhat benign, grandfatherly appearance," as Bruce Springsteen said of Pete Seeger at the latter's 90th birthday, "he [was] a creature of a stubborn, defiant and nasty optimism" and "a stealth dagger through the heart of [Britain's] illusions about itself.
I will miss the grandfatherly calming presence of poor Hershel - if ever a show needed a grandfatherly calming presence, it's The Walking Dead.
About a third of the precious tomes of Al-Saeh Library, a mainstay of this embattled northern city, were lost in a fire in early January, torched by extremists after a rumor that its grandfatherly owner, Father Ibrahim Sarrouj, had material that was insulting to the Prophet Mohammad.