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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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Critique: Being a Proactive Grandfather is a guide to maintaining a rich relationship with one's family, and especially one's grandchildren.
MY column this week is a tribute to my two grandfathers, following on from the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War, which started on August 4, 1914 .
Despite these empirical developments, there remains a persistent problem with the grandparent literature: There is limited theorizing specifically about grandfathers and what their participation in family life means for the development of relationships with grandchildren.
What the book provides is an eclectic blending of Whitmans factual journal entries Lefflers narrative where she speaks as her grandfather excerpts from her letter to the past and her grandfathers imaginary response.
The case illustrates the importance of avoiding stereotyping and suggests when grandfathers should step in or out of caring for a grandson.
This study explored the experiences of grandfathers raising grandchildren.
Today, the McCrary kids and hundreds of other grandchildren at Pearl Harbor will never look at their grandfathers in the same way again.
The thrilling history of Joseph O'Neill's grandfathers is a narrative of murder, paranoia, espionage and fear, with one of the most notorious political killings in pre-war Ireland playing a key role in its characters' lives.
If I have time to think again and discover my favorite and most important spot, I think I already have found one, and that is my grandfathers cottage.
Early research on grandparenting linked grandmothering to gendered responsibilities of care and positioned grandfathers as peripheral figures (Eisenberg, 1988).
I've been following the Jarretts' odyssey - both grandfather and grandson - for a big chunk of the '90s, fascinated by a relationship I think most of us would have loved to have had with our own grandfathers.
My dad came back from Vietnam and he's OK, and my two grandfathers fought in World War II,'' he said.