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At the same time, there may, of course, be good cause to question the SNP's poetic license in declaring that an independent Scotland will be able to afford a grandiloquent welfare state sharply at variance with the depressingly austere norms in the rest of the British Isles.
Whether or not that is true, the same cannot be said for the sensitive Kennedy, whose social libertarianism and grandiloquent rhapsodies have made him a particular target for derision.
Tessane entered the finale with the grandiloquent version of Whitney Houston number "I have nothing".
In order to make a statement, it's all about bold, unabashed and grandiloquent.
The point is the 'opus', the life in general, with its strange combination of grandiloquent vision, obsessive work ethic and noblesse oblige.
No grandiloquent speeches by the Israeli foreign minister.
I hear this grandiloquent conceit as sarcasm--Thoreau's spoof of the typical boast of American commerce as it began to go global by rail and ocean.
His diction is one manifestation of his more general penchant for grandiloquent, abstract, impersonal, and metaphor-laden rhetoric that is sometimes impenetrable.
Then there are those of succulence and extravagance, like illustrious, ostentatious and grandiloquent.
Herrmann's score charges the entire sequence with grandiloquent portentousness.
People need to see proof of what they are told, for inversely, if they do not see it, grandiloquent announcements that do not deliver, will only serve to heighten the cynicism with which the public regard politicians, flag-wavers and bureaucrats.
Paris Beuller, not yet feeling the spotlight like many of his peers in Chicago, is making some of that city's most grandiloquent music.