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At Grandiose Supermarkets for instance, containers hold things like cooking oils so that people can pour however much they want.
There is considerable research demonstrating a negative correlation between grandiose narcissism and relationship commitment.
She said that she decided not to attend the party, which she described as "grandiose" and "lavish," as a sign of protest.
Puerto Rico may be a tiny island, but the devastation it suffered was certainly grandiose. And the melting rate in Greenland is also grandiose - just in somewhere remote that doesn't grab headlines.
The role that empathy plays in grandiose narcissism has been well researched (e.g.
La salle est magnifique, les stars sont la, le public aussi, l'ambiance est grandiose. Que dire alors si ce n'est que ces soirees n'ont rien a envier aux Festivals de Timgad et Djemila [beaucoup plus grand que], nous dira un membre du staff de l'ONCI.
Anastasiades is correct in pursuing the strengthening of relations with neighbouring countries, but there is no need to embellish this with grandiose plans about strategic co-operation and other such platitudes.
En effet, une conference de grandiose aura lieu le jeudi 17 septembre 2015 a 18h a l'auditorium du Musee Mohamed VI d' Art Moderne et Contemporain (MMVI) portera sur le theme: [beaucoup moins que]Vivre ensemble : Pour une culture du dialogue".
Apart from the research related to using patient's own cells, Project Grandiose, an international consortium, also looked into the complex molecular changes that the cells undergo to become stem cells.
The honor, presented by, recognizes noteworthy gestures of chivalry, grandiose or small, which demonstrate the impact that positive gestures by men can have.
08 ( ANI ): The bright and dark sides of the United States presidents over the years have been reflected through grandiose narcissism, an analysis by Emory psychologists revealed.
Summary: The claim of the largest Ramadan tent in the Capital has been made by Emirates Palace hotel, which has gone all out this year with its grandiose Ramadan Pavilion.