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In addition to initiating D'Annunzio's interventionist campaign in Italy, the speech revealed the main rhetorical strategies with which he would successively sublimate the war: the Christian elements run the gamut from biblical phrases to a blasphemous parody of the Sermon on the Mount, and the speech concludes grandiosely with nine blessings of D'Annunzio's own ("Orazione per la sagra dei Mille" 11-20; Woodhouse 288-89).
Wolfe, and proceeds to comment grandiosely, in a rhetorical style similar to that usually ascribed to W.
In case you missed it, their latest international campaign - rather grandiosely entitled 'Unhate' - comprises doctored images of the most unlikely of people embraced in a passion- ate kiss.
158) Similarly, if less grandiosely, President Lee has argued that passage of the KORUS FTA will help revitalize South Korea's economy.
They grandiosely proclaim themselves The Greatest Club In The World and are by far the most supported club in this country.
Nielsen's music thus encompasses two extremes: the straightforward and unassuming folk songs, with their "Schein des Bekannten", (11) and the more grandiosely conceived symphonies, concertos and quartets, with their sometimes hard-to-access tonal language.
The building was commissioned long ago by President Sukarno, who once grandiosely claimed that he blended all the world's faiths and philosophies in his own person (though he certainly did not hang on the fine points of any of them).
Take the case of Sanjay Kumar Singh who runs the rather grandiosely named Albert Einstein Classes in Lucknow.
Instead of grandiosely securing Sarah's submission, instead of forcibly confronting the doctor "about taking my parents and doing things with them," Eggers rattles on into anticlimax, he is "so hot," "so tired, my head so heavy," "falling asleep," "so exhausted.
Robert Rubin (whom President Clinton grandiosely styled the greatest Secretary of the Treasury since Alexander Hamilton) subsequently served an eight-year stint with Citigroup, and is currently an economic advisor to President Obama and co-chairman of the ultimate insider club, the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations.
As an example, consider the following recitation, delivered solemnly and grandiosely by the Coach to illustrate the degree to which he supports George in his mayoral reelection bid:
As a kshatriya, it is my duty to help the extremely backward," he declared grandiosely.