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GRAND. An epithet frequently used to denote that the thing. to which it is joined is of more importance and dignity, than other things of the same name; as, grand assize, a writ in a real action to determine the right of property in land; grand cape, a writ used in England, on a plea of land, when the tenant makes default in appearance at the day given for the king to take the land into his hands; grand days, among the English lawyers, are those days in term which are solemnly kept in the inns of court and chancery, namely, Candlemas day, in Hilary term; Ascension day, in Easter term; and All Saint's day, in Michaelmas term; which days are dies non juridici. Grand distress is the name of a writ so called because of its extent, namely, to all. the goods and chattels of the party distrained within the county; this writ is believed to be peculiar to England. Grand Jury. (q. v.) Grand serjeantry, the name of an ancient English military tenure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Beijing: As China grandly opened its showcase annual parliamentary session in Beijing on Tuesday, the city's residents and visitors reacted with a mixture of hope and despair -- and sometimes apathy.
Featuring home interiors that range from the grandly aristocratic to the simple ordinary, "Imagined Interiors" draws from a range of artists that includes Vermeer and Hogarth to Alfrided Hitchcock and Bill Brandt.
But LaVera says a fact sheet issued the day after the Grassroots report shows the Democratic Party is as gay-inclusive as ever and that all outreach director posts were eliminated by Dean in favor of an untried new outreach program grandly titled the American Majority Partnership.
It will be a return to the days of Victorian Swansea when the city's grandly named Salubrious Passage took visitors directly from what was then the town centre to the breaking waves of Swansea Beach.
The distinctive profile of Barbizon/ 63 remains as originally conceived by architectural firm, Murgatroyd & Ogden in 1927, an era of grandly sumptuous Manhattan residential design.
Such were the photographs that dominated the Norton exhibition: impeccably shot and grandly scaled images of spaces that are, indeed, open, ordered, and just the right amount of gorgeous, from Venice's Scuola Grande di San Rocco to Yale's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
(9.) Weill FX, Fabre L, Grandly B, Grimont PAD, Casin I.
American, rich, and grandly lesbian--this is how Souhami sums up the heroines of her biography, a writer and an artist who famously met in Paris in 1915 and began a relationship that lasted more than 50 years.
But it was not until two centuries later that Madrid would become the grandly aristocratic city that it is today.
And in yet another publication sector, P-Rod's black on black Merc wagon was grandly debuted in Dub magazine.
After praising his debut novel "The Longest Night" last year, Publisher's Weekly calls this new release an "impressive follow-up" and a "grandly imagined, character-driven novel of action and intrigue."
Although sharply observed from some young mother of Carracci's own acquaintance all those years ago, she is more grandly known as The Montalto Madonna.