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SAR Chief Executive Roy Pitchford said: "This grant again increases our property bank on the resource rich Bushveld Complex.
He will be seen in the final episode of Brookside on November 4 playing Barry Grant again and this week he has been shooting a short film in Formby -near the famous squirrel reserve.
We really want to play Grant again,'' said Taft coach Doug Magorien, whose team must first defeat Chatsworth in Tuesday's semifinal before getting a rematch.
In the venue's regular midweek open, Bedworth fishery owner Richard Grant again showed his liking for playing away at Shrewley when he topped the field with 36-5-0 of carp and crucians from the Bottom pool .
The Ghana winger is available for transfer from Portsmouth and fancies linking up with Grant again at West Ham.
Otherwise the congregation will have to apply for the hotly contested grant again, sparking fears this could be the last chance to save the church.
Thank you all for your emails - we didn't think anyone wanted to see Coco, Leroy (right), Doris, Julie, Bruno and Miss Grant again as much as we do - but it appears we were wrong.
But while the soap opera may now be dead and buried, fans will no doubt welcome the chance to catch up with Barry Grant again.
This grant again reaffirms our leadership and expertise in anti-viral resistance research," said Bill Young, ViroLogic's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
IT was like rolling back the years for striker George O'Boyle as he teamed up with Roddy Grant again and scored twice.
With the Huskies (15-4, 3-1) and Lancers (4-15, 4-0) sitting atop the Sunset Six League, there should be enough interest to fill the stands at Grant again, despite the 4 p.
After Grant again produced a key save to foil Alan Quinn there was an amazing goalmouth skirmish following a corner as the Owls once again rode their luck.