grant authority

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Although Roque said that the PNP 'fully supports' the passage of the BBL as well as the creation of the Bangsamoro police force, the PNP has reservations over some provisions that would specifically grant authority to the Bangsamoro chief minister to deploy, assign, and reassign officers and members of the Bangsamoro police.
The Committee on Human Settlements, Land Use and Provincial Properties, chaired by Board Member Gambe, in its study, found the project to be beneficial for the informal settlers in the said barangay for them to be able to own a lot where their permanent houses will be constructed, thus, recommended to grant authority to the provincial governor.
The executive order did not grant authority to surveil Americans without warrant, but NSA documents reveal that this is how intelligence officials have "interpreted" it.
The stockholders are being asked to grant authority to the company's board to determine, at its discretion, the actual ratio of the reverse stock split and when such reverse stock split should be implemented.
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He demanded of the federal government to grant authority to the provincial government for excavating mineral reserves in the province.
finalize delegation of grant authority to provide clear oversight; and
It is used to grant authority to another person to make property, business and other legal decisions on a person's behalf (i.
The provision is not intended to grant authority to the banking agencies for fishing expeditions" or to allow the exercise of extraterritorial jurisdiction over the non-U.
The proposed bill would address the need for additional investigative and judicial tools that grant authority to intercept criminal communications, particularly concerning illegal drug activities perpetrated by big-time syndicates, Cacdac said in a statement on Friday.
And yesterday, they granted advocate depute Brian McConnachie's request for them to grant authority for a new prosecution.