grant exemption

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It may be mentioned here that Dr Asim had requested the court to allow him to go abroad for medical treatment and grant exemption from appearance between 20th January and 20th February.
He requested the court to grant exemption to his client from personal appearance.
As the hearing began, the junior counsel for Ishaq Dar Hussain Mufti submitted a fresh medical report of November 16, of his client and requested it to grant exemption to Finance Minister from hearing under medical grounds.
The committee was also informed that FBR is ready to grant exemption to the NRTC, an organisation wholly owned and controlled by the federal government.
The tax bar suggested amendments to grant exemption to industrial establishments owned by the federal government.
The ECC also approved a proposal of the Ministry of Industries and Production to grant exemption from value added tax as required under a provision of a proposed agreement between the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Belarus on Industrial, Scientific and Technical Cooperation.
1 of Memorandum Circular 2016-002, the Senate President 'may grant exemption to the limitation of 5% for Welfare Assistance expenses from the budget of each senator's office.
She added neutral countries such as Austria, Finland and Switzerland do not grant exemption to US military flights.
Board member Dean Eppley, a Wabash, Indiana farmer, said there was also heated discussion of the board's eventual decision to grant exemption from regulation to the small producer with sales less than $5,000 a year.
He requested the court to grant exemption for one day to former president.
As the hearing began, the Dar's counsel Ayesha Hamid requested the court to grant exemption to his client from hearing and conduct the trial through a representative due to Dar's medial issues.