grant forgiveness

See: pardon
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It may be possible to grant forgiveness even for a loss as grievous as she must live with.
An intense programme of intercommmunal grassroots dialogue workshops needs to be set up island-wide empowering an honest exchange of memories that willingly admit the past transgressions of both communities, present the opportunity for apologies given and accepted, and grant forgiveness freely expressed so that a true reconciliation can be achieved.
Thank you, sorry, please grant forgiveness and atonement.
Tendencies to grant forgiveness were directly related to seeking forgiveness.
The invitation of this Holy Year is for us to be open to receive and grant forgiveness to others just as we have been forgiven for our offenses by the loving father.
He pointed out that this does not in any way downplay the efforts they made, and prayed to God the Almighty to grant forgiveness to the deceased and that they rest in peace in paradise, and prayed for the injured to be blessed with a speedy recovery.
William Neblett has noted that "to grant forgiveness when resentment still persists is not uncommon at all.
While victims can grant forgiveness, there is no way we will give up rights of the state against those who caused fear in the population," Raissi said.
What the Unforgiving Servant fails to recognize is that accepting forgiveness also means accepting the responsibility to grant forgiveness.
Making the leap to grant forgiveness to someone who wounded me deeply, even knowing it will heal me, has been an incredible struggle.
It's up to Adele to grant forgiveness to his dad and start a new chapter yet again in her life.
The disposition to seek forgiveness has recently been examined (Basset, Basset, Lloyd, & Johnson, 2006; Chiaramello, Munoz Sastre, & Mullet, 2008), and a three-factor structure has been found, which closely paralleled similar factors that have been found regarding the willingness to grant forgiveness, also called forgivingness (Roberts, 1995).