grant of authority

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OMI Corporation (NYSE:OMM) of Stamford, Connecticut announced today that as of the close of business October 10, 2004 it had acquired 3,380,000 shares of its common stock since its announcement of the most recent grant of authority by its board of directors on September 12, 2005, at prices ranging from $17.
If the agreement is executed by a person under a power of attorney granted by the taxpayer, the power of attorney must clearly express the taxpayer's grant of authority to consent to IRS disclosure of the taxpayer's returns and return information to third parties; a copy of that power of attorney must be attached to the agreement.
Under such a grant of authority, funding may be refused because of the artist's political or social message or because the art or artist is too controversial,'' said the opinion by Judge James Browning.
The power listed specific acts James could perform and contained a general grant of authority to perform "all and every act.
Supreme Court has no special grant of authority to deal with election issues--not even those arising in federal elections--absent some larger federal statutory or constitutional interest.
However, absent a congressional grant of authority, such a decision could be challenged in court, with uncertain results.
DOT to reopen the grant of authority and consider reallocating the slot pair awarded to Delta.
2601-1(b)(1)(i) is an interpretive regulation, which is to be accorded less deference than legislative regulations issued under a specific grant of authority.
However, interpretive regulations, which merely interpret a tax statute, are afforded less weight than legislative regulations, which are promulgated by the IRS pursuant to congressional grant of authority to define a statutory term.