grant power

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Never in the course of human events did the equals grant power to dissolve the bonds connecting the people to their revolutionary history.
He added that the law is expected to grant power to the authority to fund tunnel and metro projects.
Under the planned auction procedure, the MME will grant power purchase agreements with utility, the National Electric Energy Agency, meant for projects likely to be commissioned by a period of five years.
The basic rule is: You can grant power to anyone over the age of 18 and who has the legal capacity under Turkish law to fulfill the duties required in the power of attorney form.
The Microsoft patent idea doesn't automatically grant power to the boss or the HR department, it also envisions how workers might benefit from such monitoring software by getting feedback about their behaviour directly, so that they could use it as a self-improvement tool.
which, if passed, would grant power to the Directors to allot equity
The company also announced to grant power of autonomy to the Managing Director to take all necessary measures for the establishment of the company.
The Constitution does not grant power to the federal government to regulate the design specifications of private manufacturers.
Spouses must watch their loved ones grant power of attorney, draft a will and deal with other issues of mortality.
The practical consequences of this fresh assertion of our old tradition are again far-reaching: the task of the pope is not to grant power but to insert persons vested with power in the Spirit into the organic body of the Church; the bishops are accountable first to the Spirit and then to the pope; a theological bond in the Spirit among the bishops is real and existing before any juridical framework for "collegiality" is installed.
The process of using an LPA to grant power of attorney to handle your financial affairs should it become necessary is straightforward but does require some advice.
THE three main parties (and we include, for the avoidance of doubt, the Liberal Democrats among them) are involved in a rare old race to offer and grant powers to northern cities.