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An individual to whom a transfer or conveyance of property is made.

In a case involving the sale of land, the buyer is commonly known as the grantee.


n. the party who receives title to real property (buyer, recipient, donee) from the seller (grantor) by a document called a grant deed or quit claim deed. (See: grant)


noun acceptor, beneficiary, devisee, donee, recipient, taker
Associated concepts: grantee of power
See also: assignee, bearer, beneficiary, devisee, donee, feoffee, legatee, payee, receiver, recipient, successor, transferee

GRANTEE. He to whom a grant is made.

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Another program that covers the technical-vocational program has also been allotted PHP500,000 and would have two grantees from each of Benguet's 13 municipalities.
Compared to the national sample of grantmaking nonprofits, SIF grantees experienced significantly less change between 2009 and 2014 in the extent to which they used an open and competitive process to solicit, review, and approve or reject applications, again largely due to negative change reported by one grantee.
The grantee shall conform to the ethics of honest enterprise and not use its stations and facilities for the broadcasting of obscene and indecent language, speech, act or scene; or for the dissemination of deliberately false information or willful misrepresentation, to the detriment of the public interests; or to incite, encourage, or assist in subversive or treasonable acts.
Four other previous grantees selected for screening in official sections at Cannes this year are Divines (Directors' Fortnight), Apprentice
Under the core function of assurance, two grantees revised state and local regulations to reduce drinking water exposure risks (ES6).
Continuous feedback between grantee organizations and participating facilities was of paramount importance in identifying gaps in data accuracy and completeness, in increasing sensitivity to the importance of creating and adhering to standardized data specifications, and in implementing best practice protocols for data collection and transmission.
misunderstanding of the grant's terms, the grantee may misspend
While these results apply only to the five grantees and 45 providers, and the OIG is careful to mention that the numbers should not be extrapolated out to the total population of 61 VFC grantees or approximately 44,000 providers, it doesn't take a giant leap of faith to assume the problem is systemic across the VFC program, or that the problem exists in equal measure across the pediatric healthcare spectrum as public and private providers are often one in the same.
The UDS Mapper website states that possible users can include HRSA project officers, Primary Care Associations and State Primary Care Offices, Section 330 Grantees and Look-Alikes, Prospective Section 330 Grantees and Look-Alikes, Other policy makers and planners (state and local) and Staff from other types of health centers.
Recommendation: HUD should establish standards for grantees to follow in updating their AIs and the format that they should follow in preparing the documents.
Nickerson said NSP grantees will also be aided by REOMatch [TM], a Web-based mapping and acquisition management tool developed by the Stabilization Trust.
The sections that follow describe current approaches under way by MFS-IP grantees to provide family support services to incarcerated fathers and their families, including teaching skills, facilitating contact and providing support to families.