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An individual to whom a transfer or conveyance of property is made.

In a case involving the sale of land, the buyer is commonly known as the grantee.

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n. the party who receives title to real property (buyer, recipient, donee) from the seller (grantor) by a document called a grant deed or quit claim deed. (See: grant)

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GRANTEE. He to whom a grant is made.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The radio spectrum is a finite resource that is part of the national patrimony and the use thereof is a privilege conferred upon the grantee by the State and may be withdrawn any time after due process," the laws read.
If the deed is deposited with a third party to be given to the grantee upon the happening of a certain event, there is no contingency at all.
" Partnership for a Safer Lake County (A Safe Place) - $10,000 " Ragdale Foundation - $10,000 (new grantee) " Twice As Nice Mother & Child - $10,000 " YouthBuild Lake County - $7,000 " YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago (Foglia YMCA Lake Zurich) - $6,000 (new grantee) " YWCA Lake County - $9,000 (MORE) The Lake County Community Foundation - Pg.
Four other previous grantees selected for screening in official sections at Cannes this year are Divines (Directors' Fortnight), Apprentice
Under the core function of assurance, two grantees revised state and local regulations to reduce drinking water exposure risks (ES6).
While widespread adoption of these enhancements would likely increase the value of both state data and nationally integrated data for tracking population health, monitoring risk-adjusted clinical performance, and studying the comparative effectiveness of various health care interventions, a variety of administrative, technical, and logistical problems confronted grantees. Hurdles faced by all grantees included obtaining approval for use and linkage of new databases, and gamering active participation from key stakeholders (e.g., hospitals and state health departments).
for grantee noncompliance; and presents the process by which federal
Substantial progress has been made in meeting these functional standards since inception, and in 2012, eight of 12 functional standards had been met by [greater than or equal to] 90% of grantees (Figure 3).
While these results apply only to the five grantees and 45 providers, and the OIG is careful to mention that the numbers should not be extrapolated out to the total population of 61 VFC grantees or approximately 44,000 providers, it doesn't take a giant leap of faith to assume the problem is systemic across the VFC program, or that the problem exists in equal measure across the pediatric healthcare spectrum as public and private providers are often one in the same.
Lastly are two grantees receiving supplemental funding for their on-going Revolving Loan Fund programs.
The following are some examples of the Main Map Elements to select from: grantee penetration by low-income population, low income population not served by grantees, % poverty, % low-income and % Hispanic.