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An individual to whom a transfer or conveyance of property is made.

In a case involving the sale of land, the buyer is commonly known as the grantee.


n. the party who receives title to real property (buyer, recipient, donee) from the seller (grantor) by a document called a grant deed or quit claim deed. (See: grant)


noun acceptor, beneficiary, devisee, donee, recipient, taker
Associated concepts: grantee of power
See also: assignee, bearer, beneficiary, devisee, donee, feoffee, legatee, payee, receiver, recipient, successor, transferee

GRANTEE. He to whom a grant is made.

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beneficiaries in other jurisdictions where grantees increase their
The clinical data grantees plan to sustain the accomplishments they have achieved through the AHRQ grants by (1) carefully tailoring data requirements to ensure that only well-specified, readily available clinical data of proven utility are incorporated in its clinically enhanced claims database, (2) providing individualized technical support for facilities that wish to participate, (3) linking its database initiative with other high-priority programs such as the federal government's "meaningful use" initiative or mandated statewide comparative clinical performance reporting programs, and (4) developing technologies that link enhanced databases to reimbursement arrangements (e.
Although CDC funding primarily directed grantees to identify and collect data to define drinking water exposures and then develop interventions, grantees engaged in many additional essential public health services (Table 1).
The workshop is also an efficient mechanism for learning, networking and sharing experiences among the SGP grantees while consolidating their capacity in influencing the policy development processes through participation in key events.
In addition to strong programmatic activities, selected grantees exhibited a potential for growth in their organization's management capacity.
tax-exempt grantor organization making grants is under increased scrutiny to document its relationships to foreign grantees, and can be penalized if it does not.
The federal government often uses contractors and grantees to provide talent it cannot recruit, specialized services it cannot produce, competition it cannot generate among its own organizations, and equipment that it cannot and should not build itself," he wrote.
Under this funding program, grantees would be responsible for meeting ``significant growth'' targets of 10 points on the API over three years, and positive growth in two of the last three years that they participate in the program.
Nobody, he says, wants Title VI grantees to be "anti-American or working to undermine the Defense Department or aid terrorists.
Grantees are using integrated research models to understand how contaminants are transformed as they move through soils, sediments, and groundwater and how they interact with ecosystems and ultimately affect human health.
CAMBRIDGE, MA -- The Center for Effective Philanthropy offers advice from grantees to foundations.
Grantees will use the award to organize, promote, stage and recycle computer equipment in an effective, free "No Computer Should Go To Waste" collection event in their community.