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An individual to whom a transfer or conveyance of property is made.

In a case involving the sale of land, the buyer is commonly known as the grantee.


n. the party who receives title to real property (buyer, recipient, donee) from the seller (grantor) by a document called a grant deed or quit claim deed. (See: grant)


noun acceptor, beneficiary, devisee, donee, recipient, taker
Associated concepts: grantee of power
See also: assignee, bearer, beneficiary, devisee, donee, feoffee, legatee, payee, receiver, recipient, successor, transferee

GRANTEE. He to whom a grant is made.

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A grantee must have been born in Benguet, a bona fide resident of the province, and poor but deserving, as certified by both the chief of barangay where he or she resides and the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office.
These SIF grantees match the federal funds and in turn fund local nonprofits (subgrantees), which also provide matching funds to implement community-based programs in one of three priority areas: youth development, economic opportunity, and healthy futures.
Among the responsibilities of the grantee to the public are: to provide adequate public service time to enable the Government, through the said broadcasting stations or facilities, to reach the population on important public issues; to provide at all times sound and balanced programming; and to promote public participation such as in community programming as well as to assist in the functions of public information and education.
Three projects from Qatari directors are among the 26 projects selected for funding, four from Lebanon, three from Palestine and two returning grantees.
Under the core function of assurance, two grantees revised state and local regulations to reduce drinking water exposure risks (ES6).
In selecting data sources, grantees faced tradeoffs between the quality and usability of data, and the ease of securing, acquiring, and transmitting the data.
The artists, some of whom will be present, will donate a portion of the sales to the ACC for the use of the grantees.
The Florida Bar Foundation is the only nonprofit organization linking 30 legal aid grantees statewide to provide legal services to vulnerable populations including the elderly, children, domestic violence victims, and families living in poverty," said Florida Bar President Greg Coleman.
state and local government grantees have not always complied with the
Trust managers changed the organization's funding parameters, narrowing down the eligible number of grantees as part of the new focus.
Of the 54 grantees with available data in 2012, 26 (48%) reported that [greater than or equal to] 95% of children aged <6 years in their geographic area participated in their IIS (Figure 1).
Using CDC data, 45 VFC providers were selected from the five grantees with the highest volume of vaccines ordered in 2010.