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Particularly (but not exclusively) in the context of granting options under such "dual" plans, the agreement or letter evidencing the grant of the option should state whether it is intended that the option be treated as an ISO.
The Audit Committee also found that during the period from the Company's IPO until June 2004, when granting employee stock options, the Company incorrectly used the closing stock price from the day prior to the actual date of grant (to identify the fair market value of the Company's common stock and the exercise price of the stock option), rather than the closing stock price on the grant date as contemplated by the Company's stock option plan.
Because ATF could not fund the project, it sent the concept paper, with a recommendation, to the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), one of the primary law enforcement fund granting agencies in the U.
The Special Committee stated that it was unable to conclude that the Company or anyone involved in the stock option granting process at the Company engaged in willful misconduct.
Additionally, AOL announced it has launched a pilot program, granting $25,000 each to Calvin Coolidge Senior High School andE[sz]the Maya Angelou Public Charter School, Evans Campus, in 2006.