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An individual who conveys or transfers ownership of property.

In real property law, an individual who sells land is known as the grantor.


n. the party who transfers title in real property (seller, giver) to another (buyer, recipient, donee) by grant deed or quit claim deed. (See: grant)


noun assignor, bequeather, bestower, contributor, devisor, donator, giver, investor, rewarder, testator
Associated concepts: grantor of a power
See also: contributor, donor, feoffor, obligee, transferor

GRANTOR. He by whom a grant is made.

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Spurgeon, Federal Taxation of Trusts, Grantors and BENEFICIARIES [paragraph][paragraph] 4.
As an unfunded trust, the grantor will normally make annual gilts to the trust so that it can pay the insurance premiums.
Although the grantor cannot change the beneficiaries of the ILIT, the trust agreement could give the grantor the right to cancel or modify a beneficiary's annual withdrawal rights.
The grantor then gifts the premiums to the third-party owner when they are due.
As a result, subsequent creditors, purchasers, or lenders of the grantor may assert their claims against the property.
The complex ownership arrangement designed by the grantors in this ruling created a fragile environment for the S election, with several possible potential traps that should be anticipated and avoided.
This often occurs where the grantor desires to spread the beneficial ownership among a number of individuals.
For several years, there have been questions about the gift and estate tax consequences of the payment and reimbursement of the income tax liability arising from a grantor trust.
A grantor "seeds" an IDIT with cash or property that creates a taxable gift.
Step 3: The grantors of the trust receive income each year from each trust.
Contrary to current products designed to reduce payment delinquency, as the WebTeck(TM) is totally transparent to users and easy to use for credit grantors, it can address the low as well as the high end portion of the Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) market segment further expanding potential sales.
tax-exempt grantor organization making grants is under increased scrutiny to document its relationships to foreign grantees, and can be penalized if it does not.

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