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Kinds of casts Numbers Reference values Granular casts 0 Transient AKI 1 to 10 by LPF Persistent AKI Epithelial cell casts 0 Transient AKI 1 or more by HPF Persistent AKI AKI (acute kidney injury), LPF (low-power field), and HPF (high-power field).
In addition, the significant correlations between uGGT and the presence of renal epithelial cells (kidney cells) (P<0.01; r=0.26) and granular casts (P<0.01; r=0.25) in the urine confirmed tubular injury.
Urinalysis showed proteinuria (4.9g/day) and hematuria (5-9 erythrocytes per high-power field) with granular casts (5-9 per high-power field) and lipid casts (5-9 per whole field).