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GRAIN, weight. The twenty-fourth part of a pennyweight.
     2. For scientific purposes the grain only is used, and sets of weights are constructed in decimal progression, from 10,000 grains downward to one hundredth of a grain.

GRAIN, corn. It signifies wheat, rye, barley, or other corn sown in the ground In Pennsylvania, a tenant for a certain term is entitled to the way- going crop. 5 inn. 289, 258; 2 Binn. 487; 2 Serg. & Rawle, 14.

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The paper shows the interplay between the lookahead pathology and three factors that affect it: the dependence of the sibling nodes in the search tree, the branching factor and the granularity of the heuristic function.
For our coarsest time granularity, where we aggregate 1000 time steps, this means that we must run the model for two million time steps.
Although the issue was never fully resolved, the contractor did revise the file plan somewhat, reducing the granularity and making manual filing easier.
Particularly when CDP is used for recovery purposes, maximum recovery granularity is very important for the first several days after data is created, but as data ages the level of granularity required to support most restore requirements lessens.
Is it sufficient to restore the entire Exchange database or is a finer granularity required?
Services of too coarse a granularity are unlikely to be reused by developers in other applications," said Ron Schmelzer, senior analyst with ZapThink LLC.
However the target pool is of lower granularity than most cash flow CDOs.
To further synchronize supply with demand v9 provides a new level of time-of-day granularity for the scheduling of purchase orders including critical events and the accommodation of real time status reports.
Televaulting CDP provides a more efficient backup option based on its virtually unlimited granularity.
We will share some of the lessons we've learned from working with public sector and commercial databases, including examples of how interactivity will result in improved transparency and finer granularity of public disclosure.