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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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(1) Immaturation of granule cells in the DG was observed both in [alpha]-CaMKII hKO animals and in patients with schizophrenia [63, 74].
Computer simulations in this network model predicted that impaired paired-pulse inhibition of granule cell firing (a measure of network inhibition of granule cell firing) observed in NL2 KO mice is mainly caused by diminished perisomatic inhibition of granule cells (Figure 4(b), see also [29]).
In summary, inhibitory input of granule cell somata and AISs was enhanced in the epileptic hippocampus, together with an increase of chandelier formation complexity.
These include cortical interneurons in the IZ/SVZ, (8) cerebellar granule cells in the external granule layer (9) and precerebellar neurons such as PN neurons, (10) neurons of the lateral reticular nucleus (LRN) (11) and facial motor neurons in the hindbrain.
Ikegaya, "Cytoskeleton disruption causes apoptotic degeneration of dentate granule cells in hippocampal slice cultures," Neuropharmacology, vol 42, no.
A previous study has shown that in an adult mouse cerebellum, the [alpha]1 Na/K pump subunit is expressed in granule cells and glomeruli, [alpha]2 subunits are expressed in astrocytes, and [alpha]3 subunits are expressed in Purkinje cells, basket cell processes, and mossy fiber glomeruli [7].
To assess the activation of granule cells in the DG in response to each task, we identified the cells labelled with Arc.
From the SGZ, NSPCs migrate to the inner granule cell layer.
Some FGF2-treated cells also expressed markers for the rhombic lip--the structure from which granule cells develop and migrate, and a marker specific to migrating granule precursors by week seven.
(1990) Depression and potentiation of the synaptic transmission between a granule cell and a Purkinje cell in rat cerebellar culture.
(14) have convincingly demonstrated productive JCV infection of cerebellar granule cell neurons in an HIV-infected patient.
The volume of the brain cell layer of which these newborn cells eventually become a part (i.e., the granule cell layer of the dentate gyrus) also varies among mouse strains (Gould 1999).