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Commercial bakers may have a new tool in their ingredient kit: flours made from a surprising source--wine grape seeds.
The grape seed flour research is part of ongoing studies at the ARS Western Regional Research Center in Albany, California--where Yokoyama is based--to develop new foods or food ingredients that help fight obesity and obesity-associated diseases.
In comparison with rats that received 5-fluorouracil alone, those that received grape seed had less intestinal damage and up to 55% less inflammation.
Researchers at the US Institute for Food Safety and Health, who are studying the effect of grape seeds, also believe they could have a beneficial effect on insulin levels, which could also help diabetes patients.
Botanic Innovations also promotes white grape seed oil and organic red grape seed oil.
MegaNatural[R]- GL Grape Seed Extract-supports healthy blood glucose.
Researchers at the University of Adelaide, adding to its benefits, claim that grape seed extracts if combined with chemotherapy can help improving treatment of bowel cancer.
As regards high level of grape cultivation in Iran and producing high volume of grape juice in this country therefore there is a lot of grape seed in Iran as a byproduct.
Supplements containing grape seed extracts have long been available in the market and functional foods have been introduced in recent years.
With shea butter, jojoba, grape seed oils and vitamin E, it keeps lips soft but is a little greasy.
Presiding at the official opening of the Seneca AgBio Green Energy Park and production of its first product, Finger Lakes Grape Seed Oil, Coia said, “This has been a three-year process and we're just getting started.
It's pricey but addictive, lightweight and hydrating while soothing dry and irritated areas, all thanks to a host of planet-friendly ingredients like grape seed oil, the extract of tea leaves, organic shea butter and organic jojoba seed oil.