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They suggested that, under normal circumstances, the enzyme is binding glucose moieties to trans-resveratrol, a naturally occurring metabolite in grapevines.
Crown galls commonly form on the trunks and cordons of grapevines (Fig.
Nematode vector of soilborne fanleaf virus of grapevines.
A group of noninfective leafhoppers were fed on healthy grapevines, Vitis vinifera cv.
All the grapevines received uniform management practices including pruning (up to six nodes), irrigation, fertilizer, insecticide and pesticide applications.
It makes round-trip excursions from Grapevines Cotton Belt Railroad Depot to Fort Worth's Historic Stockyard Station, allowing visitors to step back in time to the 19th century whenever they come on board.
This celebration honors the village's more than 2,000-year-old tradition of growing grapevines.
On this day we found arrow weed, cattails, cottonwood, creosote, willows and even grapevines, for which the canyon is named.
7) First, by tying Henry's physical condition to the grapevines -- the body of the slave to the product of his la bor-the narrator symbolically portrays the dehumanization that slavery entailed.
He has always kept close watch on his organizations' grapevines.
And he is investigating experimental grapevines that have already shown promise in tests of other critical traits, such as resistance to wormlike, soil-dwelling pests called nematodes.
Primates who "invented" grapevines to swing on perished long ago.