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By using the leafhopper vector injected with the cultured and purified bacteria, the disease symptoms can be consistently reproduced in healthy grapevines and the same organism reisolated from clean leafhoppers fed on these plants and on naturally infected plants from the field.
Hikes in Grapevine Canyon, about a 10-minute drive west of Laughlin on Nevada State Route 163, are about as easy as they come.
In "The Goophered Grapevine," Henry, a field hand, thrives in the summer when the grape vines are green and wither s in the fall when the vines themselves do the same.
The grapevine is the one communication device in an organization that will never lack subscribers or contributors.
The organizational grapevine is part of the modern business world and has long been considered a necessary evil of conducting business.
Researchers can also snip off bits of plantlet roots, right after hungry phylloxera attack, to see if resistant grapevines form natural chemicals that repel the tiny pests.
Vine tenders who mismeasure grapevines end up as dock hands.
Now I have room to plant more grapevines," the man said.
1 -- 2) Gloria Grant Larsen and her husband, Roar Larsen, are proud of the tasty wine she makes as a hobby with fruit from grapevines that envelope the home her father bought in 1939 in then-rural Pacoima.
To offer additional subject depth and up-to-the-minute information, EMAZING staffers and tip authors will participate in Grapevines wherever possible.
Tax and Toast is just one element of a great festival celebrating the flowering of the grapevines; proceeds of the festival benefit the Grapevine Public Art Fund.