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2 the Laplacian energy of the line graph of the subdivision graph of the tadpole graph [T.
1, the number of edges in the line graph of the subdivision graph of the tadpole graph
Graph 15: Electricity Consumption Breakdown by Sector (2005, %)
Graph 17: Gas Consumption Breakdown by Sector (2005, %)
The latest version contains many workflow efficiency improvements, new enhancements to SigmaPlot's curve fitting engine, and a wider range of graphing options that allow users to easily customize every detail of their graphs for effectively communicating the most important elements of their research.
New axis scales for two and three-dimensional graphs including Weibull axis scale, Reciprocal axis scales, and Arrhenius scales.
0, which ships worldwide in mid-April, enables users to select SigmaPlot from the Excel menu and generate graphs from Excel worksheets, offering the ability to use data derived from in-cell formulas, store data and graphs in one convenient file and avoid time and date formatting problems.