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After all, graphics are a visually appealing, concise, effective means of communicating performance information to shareholders, regulators, clients, customers and the media.
According to SK Planet, overall graphics card sales at the company's e-commerce platform, 11st, rose 67 percent from a year earlier between the Jan.
The actual event will begin at 3.40pm when the team behind I Love Graphic will welcome everyone and give a small talk about the festival.
QA Graphics, a leader in developing building automation system graphics, recently completed new system graphics for Bluestone Energy Services.
Sixty-four of the students (66%) were tactile graphic users and 33 (34%) were print graphic users.
In a statement, Graphic executive chairman Rex Rozario said, "Graphic and Printca have the same business ethics and a customer-driven perspective.
DEMCO empowered the 18th edition of the Crown Prince Cup, a season-concluding tournament featuring teams from the Kuwaiti Premier League and the Kuwaiti Division One League with graphics created using the HyperX3 live graphics playout system.
BEIRUT: Graphic design is a booming industry across the world and the Middle East is no exception.
Comic books and graphic novels are an accepted form of storytelling and a source of recreational reading.
Graphic novels and comics in general are on the upswing in terms of sales and literary respect.
"It's wonderful to know that our work is so well accepted in both the graphic design and business communities," points out Marilyn Miller, president and founder of the graphic design studio and agency.
According to Goldsmith, the graphic novel is a format, not a genre.